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Corruption Watch

Andrew and the organisation he directs – Corruption Watch – is campaigning for a more accountable and transparent arms trade via his writing, research, speeches, presentations and engagement with prosecutors, investigators, journalists, elected representatives, officials and numerous NGOs.

Andrew campaigns for a trade that no longer undermines democracy and development, that no longer breeds corruption, and that no longer makes the world a more dangerous, rather than a safer place. It is imperative that the veil of national-security-imposed secrecy that cloaks the trade in weaopns is lifted. Without doing so, it will be impossible to ensure public scrutiny over the non-national security aspects of the arms trade, including the corruption, illict arms trading, the illegal exercise of power by stronger nations against weaker buying countries, and deeply inappropriate decision-making that only meets the narrow political and material needs of those making the decisions, rather than the real needs of their citizens.

Campaign Aims

  • Expose malfeasance in the arms trade through publishing investigations and research;
  • Inform taxpayers and citizens of what is being done in relation to the arms trade in their name and with their taxes;
  • Advocate for appropriate local, regional and international laws, regulations and agreements, and their vigorous enforcement;
  • Campaign against companies, individuals and organisations whose activities enable the current status quo in the arms trade; and
  • Enable people to take up issues of arms trade malfeasance, with the support of a global network of specialists and experts.



Arms Trade Manual

Over the next few months a manual will be finalised that will include:

  • A succinct but comprehensive description of the many and complex ways the arms trade operates around the world;
  • An accessible guide to the existing regulatory regimes governing the trade, including national and multilateral laws, conventions and agreements;
  • Comprehensive information on civil society organisations, lawyers, journalists, investigators and public bodies working on the arms trade;
  • Practical guides to techniques and strategies for accessing information about specific deals.


This will include, amongst others:

  • Using Freedom of Information submissions where available;
  • How to work with journalists and other civil society organisations;
  • How to access and work with lawyers;
  • How to utilise legislators where possible;
  • How to work with investigative and audit bodies;
  • Accessing financial records;
  • Accessing transport records and other useful information. case studies of arms trade corruption from my own experience and others.



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